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11. Darpa Contract and Related Revenue Recognition

11. Darpa Contract and Related Revenue Recognition
3 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2017
Revenue Recognition [Abstract]  
Darpa Contract and Related Revenue Recognition

As discussed in Note 1, we entered into a contract with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) on September 30, 2011. Under the DARPA award, we have been engaged to develop a therapeutic device to reduce the incidence of sepsis, a fatal bloodstream infection that often results in the death of combat-injured soldiers. The award from DARPA was a fixed-price contract with potential total payments to us of $6,794,389 over the course of five years. Fixed price contracts require the achievement of multiple, incremental milestones to receive the full award during each year of the contract. Under the terms of the contract, we performed certain incremental work towards the achievement of specific milestones against which we invoiced the government for fixed payment amounts.


Originally, only the base year (year one of the contract) was effective for the parties; however, DARPA subsequently exercised its option on the remaining years of the contract. The milestones were comprised of planning, engineering and clinical targets, the achievement of which in some cases required the participation and contribution of third-party participants under the contract. We commenced work under the contract in October 2011 and completed the contract in September 2016.


In February 2014, DARPA reduced the scope of our contract in years three through five of the contract. The reduction in scope focused our research on exosomes, viruses and blood processing instrumentation. This scope reduction reduced the possible payments under the contract by $858,469 over years three through five.


The DARPA contract concluded on September 30, 2016. Also, during the three months ended June 30, 2016, we did not invoice the U.S. Government for any milestones.